PLAY that stems from a child’s imaginations, from a story s/he hears, from something s/he experienced or saw is very important to a child. The play starts from simple and convertible materials such as fabrics, stones, strings etc. Children can create anything from these materials. During their play, the children follow what the adults do and then imitate those activities in their play. Sometimes they join the adults in their chores. The role of the ADULT is to be a role model and a guide to what is good in life.



REPETITION structures the day, the week and the year for a child. The rhythms create safety. In the day of the kindergarten the fairytales, the songs and the trips alternate rhythmically. The day becomes a week and the week becomes a year. Painting, baking, trips and crafts are repeated within the play on certain days of the week. Monday becomes “the painting day” rather than just Monday. Tales, songs and trips to nature follow the year cycle. The preparations and festivals are important highlights of the year. Christmas and Spring Festival are celebrated together with the parents.

A homelike and stress free atmosphere is important to children because they experience everything with high sensitivity. The INTERIORS in the Pajulintu kindergarten are created using delicate colors and furniture made of natural materials which create an aesthetically beautiful and harmonious whole. TOYS are also made of natural materials; wood, silk, cotton, wool etc. Paintingand drawing equipment and the musical instruments are artistically of high quality. Painting, playing music, singing and other artistic expression among free play are good experiences for the children.



Cooperation between the kindergarten and parents is essential for the wellbeing of the child. The ground for the cooperation is laid already when getting familiar with the kindergarten. A shared consciousness of the child is beneficial for the child as well as it helps the parents and the kindergarten educators in their task of bringing up and taking care of the child.

PARENTS EVENINGS are held four times in the year. In the first Parents Evening the educators present the activities in the child group and the parents get to know each other. In the other Parents Evenings there are lectures and discussions about educational topics. The topics can be for instance the development of communicational skills of the 5-6 year olds or the multiple importance of play in a child’s development.

There is a HANDCRAFT EVENING every year for the parents and others who might be interested. The topics have been among others; making a small doll and a textile animal, cooking, festival decorations and wood craft. Among the crafts there are discussions about childhood, education, play and toys for instance. In the end of November there is an evening for parents and staff with the intention to decorate the kindergarten for Christmas. During the evening we will also prepare for the TONTTULANPAJA-event. PARENT-TEACHER DISCUSSIONS are held whenever the parents or the staff wishes for it. Prior to the child’s start in the kindergarten there will be a presentation of the kindergarten and its functions and a discussion about the child where the parents can tell about the child to the staff. During the autumn and the spring there will be discussions with the parents about the current issues regarding the child and an early education plan or a preschool plan will be made.