Rythm is very important aspect in Pajulintu. The year divides itself according to the various festivities that are celebrated in the kindergarten among the everyday life.

One of the most important festival is the Christmas which is celebrated in many ways including the Saint Lucia’s day, Tonttulanpaja-happening, a concert by a high quality choir of the Laulukoulu-school and of course a delicious Christmas lunch. The Easter is celebrated with an Easter garden and a special Easter menu. In the spring there are also The Carnival of the Forest Animals festival around the 1st of May when the children can dress up in fancy costumes and the Spring Festival where the children have prepared program for the parents. For the St. Mikael-festival/Harvest-festival everyone can contribute to the menu by brining something e.g. berries, apples or baked goods. To remember St. Martin in November we gather at the kindergarten for the Lantern Festival that brings light to the darkest of the seasons.

In addition to these festivities the children’s birthdays are important landmarks during the year. During her/his birthday the child gets to wear a silk gown and a crown on the head. The child sits on a beautiful throne, a candle is lit and the others sing for her/him. Then a story is read and later the birthday girl/boy gets to offer a desert for the others.


The kindergarten also makes visits and trips to different places during the year. One trip is made to the sledging slope and in the spring the bigger children have visited the traffic park in Seinäjoki and the smaller ones have visited a farm with animals. In the autumn there is a trip for all the families to Kyrkösvuori to pick lingon berries for the kindergarten use. In February there is also a day when the children are taken for a ride with a horse and a sledge. A few times in a year we also receive guests; high quality artistic performances or workshops for instance in the fields of music or puppetry.