Welcome to the Steiner Kindergarten Pajulintu’s website!

Childhood is cherished in the homelike environment of Steiner kindergarten Pajulintu.

-PLACES for children from 1 to 7 years of age


-FEES are the same as in the public kindergartens except 25 € “organic fee”

-Free-of-charge PRESCHOOL

-ORGANIC and LOCAL FOOD prepared in our own kitchen. The kids love it!

-ART EDUCATION; visual arts, performing arts, music… on daily basis!!

-Daily STORY TELLING, singing and rhyming and frequent puppetry shows as well as childrens own little plays

-BEAUTIFUL SURROUNDINGS offer rich expriences for all the senses

-Brisky SPORTS in our own forest, weekly trips to the surrounding parks in addition to story gymnastics and circus

-CREATIVE PLAY is highly valued

-TOYS MADE OF NATURAL MATERIALS help in developing various senses

-CELEBRATIONS highlight the different seasons

-Recognising the INDIVIDUALITY and supporting the SELF-ESTEEM of a child

-CHILDREN are allowed to be children

-RELAXED and POSITIVE atmosphere

-Caretaking with love and limits

-EDUCATIONAL PARTNERSHIP between the parents and the kindergarten is of high value

-NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL outdoor areas inspire to play

-The kindergarten is run by an ASSOCIATION; this strengthens the feeling of a community

-STEINER/WALDORF PEDAGOGY is an internationally recognised education method